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V8 Vantage N420





December 2010

Welcome to the first issue of our Technical Newsletter which will be circulated on a bi-monthly basis. We will be communicating progress on resolving the quality issues we receive from your monthly feedback as well as sharing new developments and parts improvements.








SUMP PLUG 691683

In response to feedback from the Network some time ago, we carried out a re-engineering exercise on this vital part. The thread is now longer than the original and the tolerances have been improved to ensure improved seating of the sealing washer.









Previously supplied under part number 020-032-0115, this part now includes 2 5/16” UNC Nyloc Nuts to suit.








FUEL PIPE 690428

We are pleased to re-introduce black fuel pipe for the main chassis run from tank to pump to improve originality on DB 6 cylinder models. It is available by the metre.








DISTRIBUTOR CAP 055-007-0704

While we have been able to secure a small quantity of original Lucas caps at very high cost, these will not last forever, and having rejected Far East imports for quality reasons, we are now in the early stages of costing new injection mould tooling to ensure continuity of supply. We will keep you informed on progress.








CONDENSER 020-007-0703 & CONTACT SET 073-007-0700

Since re-tooling for these parts in February, we are pleased to report that sales volume has increased by 30% and we have had 100% reported reliability. Please ensure your customers continue to get the premium quality parts they deserve.








9.5" CLUTCH COVER 064-011-0730

The quality concerns raised in September concerning the springs on 9.5” clutch covers have now been fully resolved.The supplier identified a faulty batch of springs and correct specification parts have now been fitted to all our stock and tested. We are confident that this issue will not recur.






BONNET INSULATION DB5/6 030-025-0087

Earlier this year we invested in new tooling and improved the specification of the DB5 and DB6 Bonnet Insulation pad. This has been well received by all our customers who are reporting better fit and a higher quality finish. It is interesting to note that the class winners at the last AMOC Concours events had this latest specification pad.




V8 FRONT SCREEN 76-14016

Recent customer feedback indicated a dimension problem with AM V8 front screens. The issue was traced to worn tooling and checking fixtures. New tooling has been commissioned and checked against the original drawings and three original cars. Fresh stock is now on the shelf and available.




EXHAUST MANIFOLDS 020-008-0180/0181

In the interests of improving originality, we have taken the decision to produce 6 cylinder exhaust manifold castings to the original drawings. These have not been available for many years and they will be an exciting new addition to the Heritage parts offering. Further details will follow as we progress with the project.





As many of you will already know, we have decided to produce DB6 Bumpers again. Unavailable for many years, we have invested a substantial sum in tooling and the project is on schedule. We aim to have stock on the shelf in January. They will be supplied unchromed and, as for the DB4 and DB5 bumpers, very slightly oversize on the edges to enable fettling for a perfect fit to the car. The recent rise in value of the DB6 will make this part a popular addition to the Heritage range. Part numbers will be advised when we launch.











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