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March 2011

Welcome to the second issue of our bi-monthly Technical Newsletter. Feedback from Issue #1 has been overwhelmingly positive. We will continue to work on resolving the quality issues we receive from your monthly feedback as well as sharing new developments and parts improvements.







020-008-0113-PK Exhaust Manifold Gasket

We have revised the specification of the DB4/5/6/S exhaust manifold gasket by including a reinforced flame ring to the inner bore. This modification will provide better sealing between the cylinder head and manifold faces and improved durability. As soon as current stocks are sold we will be introducing this new specification.







069-006-0113 6 Cylinder Head Gasket

We were informed by the supplier last year that the tooling for the 069-006-0107 copper head gasket was worn out. In conjunction with a UK supplier, we took the opportunity to develop a replacement gasket using modern composite technology. Test samples were due to be with us in September but due to a tooling delay, the project regrettably fell behind schedule. We are pleased to say that samples were received in January and have now completed successful dyno testing at a leading Heritage Specialist. List price of this item will be less than the previous copper gasket. A minor modification is being made following the test and we will now have stock on the shelf by 8th March. We thank all our customers for their patience on this key part.







024-003-0126 Timing Case

We are pleased to announce the re-introduction of the DB 6 cylinder timing case. This part is competitively priced and produced from brand new tooling using original drawings in the Aston Martin Heritage archive. The castings have been ceramically impregnated to ensure the highest quality. This important item underlines our commitment to maintaining a high level of genuine Aston Martin parts availability for the Heritage models.







055-035-0128 and 022-035-0128 Exhaust Mounts

In response to feedback from customers, these exposed parts now have an improved protective coating to give far better durability in service. With quality at the forefront of our philosophy, we are confident that this worthwhile improvement will be welcomed by you and your customers. Negotiations with the suppliers have enabled us to reduce the list price of both parts.







24-73792 PAS Hose

We are pleased to re-introduce this PAS hose for the supercharged Vantage model. Having established that the original supplier had ceased trading, the Parts Operations Purchasing team have worked with our new supplier to provide a first class product. Fine but critical modifications provide an improved fit and a new finish offers better durability in keeping with our commitment to supply high quality Genuine Aston Martin parts.




DB6 Bumpers

Further to our announcement in Issue #1 development work is progressing well with the re-introduction of DB6 Bumpers. The press tooling has been completed and we will be receiving pre production samples for approval by 18th March. We expect to begin shipping orders to customers early in May




020-026-0751 Rear Hub Oil Seal

We recently identified a worn tooling issue which was affecting the quality of the retainer of this vital part. We have scrapped the 40 year old tool and new tooling has been produced to the original drawing. New stock is due on the shelf in the next week. We have also taken the opportunity to adopt a modern lip seal to improve reliability..




048-037-0280 Underbonnet Lamp

We have been able to secure a limited quantity of genuine Lucas underbonnet lamps for the DB5 and DB6 models. With originality becoming ever more important in maintaining a car's residual value, we are working hard to source more genuine stock.




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