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July 2011

Welcome to the third issue of our Technical Newsletter. Feedback from the previous issues has been overwhelmingly positive. We will continue to work on resolving the quality issues we receive from your monthly feedback as well as sharing new developments and parts improvements.







11-86465 - DB7 Vantage Clutch Kit

As part of our policy for continuous product improvement Heritage Operations are pleased to announce a completely new and vastly improved Clutch Kit for the DB7 Vantage.

This Twin Plate clutch has been developed in conjunction with the Engineering Team at Gaydon to a design similar to that found in the DB7 GT and the current DBS. Using the very latest friction materials this new clutch offers improved performance, being more robust and durable than the original type. The new kit is required when replacing the single plate design as this is no longer available.







055-076-0058 - Headlamp Bezel Kit

Our ever popular DB Headlamp Bezels have been redesigned to provide a much better fit. As each car can differ slightly we now supply the Bezel and the Fixing Lug as two separate parts to allow a custom fit. This new kit comprises:

·  055-076-0035 Rim Un-chromed

·  055-076-0036 Lug Un-chromed

The glass can be obtained separately as before under Part No 055-076-0032 to make up the complete cover. Instructions in the kit contain details of the recommended primers and adhesive to ensure correct assembly and bonding of the glass to the bezel.

We will of course continue to supply the fully assembled chrome bezel and glass assembly made to original drawings under Part No 055-076-0030 with the Lug fitted in the position specified on the original drawing.







095-003-0701 - Replacement Rubber Block for Chain Tensioner

A new rubber block is now available to overhaul the V8 Chain Tensioner 095-003-0003. This rubber pad, made from an improved material tends to be the only part of the Chain Tensioner to wear. This new item is a cost effective and easy way to repair this part and is much more durable than the old type.

Simply order the new Rubber Block, remove the worn item (by sliding off the metal part of the Tensioner) and replace.







123198 - 6 Cylinder Head Stud

Complimenting the redesigned 6 Cylinder Head gasket for the DB4 – DBS range is this much improved Cylinder Head Stud. We took this opportunity to modify the original design to meet modern operating conditions and to make use of the thicker DBS type washer which is the preferred choice when rebuilding a 'DB' six cylinder engine.

Produced from a higher grade of steel than the original this stud has a chemi black finish to prevent corrosion. The stud is approximately 3mm longer than the original spec' to accommodate the later washer (part number 069-006-0108). Both items can be supplied from stock.







055-076-0011 - DB Windscreen Seal Rubber

The windscreen rubber, used on DB six cylinder models, has proved to be very popular over the years.

During a routine inspection we recently identified a potential quality issue which on investigation with the supplier highlighted considerable wear to the production tooling. This has now been replaced to ensure a flawless finish. Rubber from the first batch since the tooling has been renewed is now available to order.





055-074-0116 - DB4/5/6 Seat Slide Adjuster Knob

The vulnerable and for many years unobtainable Seat Slide Adjuster Knob has now been remanufactured exclusively for Heritage Operations.

Reproduced to the original pattern, it has been made from high grade material complete with threaded brass insert and will be a perfect finishing touch for any interior re-trim or restoration.


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