To Commemorate Aston Martin’s Centenary, a twin-seated racer—taking its lead from the iconic DBR1—has been specially built. Meet the stunning CC100...

Photographed exclusively for AM Magazine by Dominic Fraser

Aston Martin CC100
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Measuring almost four-and-a-half metres nose to tail, and more than two-metres wide, the Speedster Concept body is a classic example of the almost infinitely flexible nature of Aston Martin’s trademark Vertical Horizontal engineering philosophy


The CC100 uses the latest generation AM11 naturally aspirated V12 gasoline engine, which has been mated to a six-speed hydraulically actuated automated sequential manual transmission


The drivetrain powers the CC100 from rest to 62mph in little more than four seconds, while the top speed is limited to 180mph


The side-strake is an integral part of the side body, evolving one of Aston Martin’s most iconic features


The structure and body are crafted from carbon fibre, which along with ROPS protection gives a lightweight but very safe design


The CC100 looks both to the past and the DBR1—Aston Martin’s greatest sporting triumph on the track—and to the future, with its teasing glimpses of the potential direction of design. Defined surfaces and exact highlights give the perfect representation of Power, Beauty and Soul


The new grille is an important part of the development of Aston Martin’s DNA, enhancing the S curve


The lightweight wheels, which can also be found on the new V12 Vantage S, have Aston Martin’s lightest wheels, designed for racing